Welcome to Albutra Training Academy

Albutra Training Academy
was established in July 2008 for the purpose of providing students with language courses of the highest quality, academic tuition and practical skills development programmes.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide innovative, professional training of the highest standard which will ensure our students’ success in the work environment, academic field or in everyday situations.

We aim to give our students the confidence to integrate fully into society and we strive for excellence in the educational field through ensuring a professional atmosphere between our staff and our students.

Our objective is to ensure that our students leave us feeling confident and inspired.

The core concept of the education process in Albutra is ‘participative learning’. It is this concept that is used to keep the classroom lively and interactive, allowing the students to make their own impact on their learning and environment.

Faculty and Staff

All our teachers are highly qualified professional educators and are selected by the academy for their enthusiasm and expertise.

They are friendly, accessible at all times and, with an understanding of the individual needs of the students they will try to accommodate them wherever possible.

The academy endeavors to encourage students to experience different accents, personalities and cultures within a classroom environment hence broadening their future horizons,

We aim to make all our students feel welcome the minute they enter our academy whether they are greeted by our academy director, course counsellors or the teachers themselves.

Our expert staff who are chosen on the basis of skill and attitude all strive through active communication and warm personalities to make the student feel welcome and comfortable while studying with us.