General English Courses E.F.L (Oxford Syllabus)

Intensive English - University level (Cambridge & Oxford Syllabus)

Preparing for IELTS

English for Diplomats
The main focus of this course is to encourage Diplomats to communicate effectively in a wide range of meaningful contexts.
The course content includes:-

One on One Learning
Classes are designed for one person at a time to meet individual needs

Business English Course
The Business English Course is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to master written and oral English in the working environment.
The aim of this course is to improve the English proficiency of the students in a variety of business areas development, customer service, international business and communication.
This is achieved in an environment that encourages creativity and learning through the participative learning method (PLM).

Foreign Languages - A.A.E
Albutra, being an academy of the highest quality, does not limit itself to English only. We also offer several other languages courses.
The foreign languages include:

Skills Development Courses
The purpose of the skills development programmes is to assist our students to achieve their goals by enhancing their academic performance, life skills as well as their management and leadership potential.

School Subjects - Private Tuition
Albutra providing private tuition, extra lessons for all students in Grade 8 -12

Translation Services
Albutra assist you with your document translation requests. We translate many types of documents into different languages and we do Certified Translations